The D. Word:

a podcast / (“audio formatted project”) hosted by artist and choreographer, Renata Pereira Lima.

Each episode, Renata interviews an artist whose research resides in areas related to: performance, “happenings”, studies on phenomenology, kinetic sculpture, corporeal perception, movement research, methods on improvisation, choreography (in the expanded field), film (in the expanded field), music video production, concert / commercial dance so on and so forth.

The D. Word intends to rid notions of exclusivity or requirements of “pre-texts” that often come attached to the word  “D-A-N-C-E(R).” 

Coming from both commercial training and concert conservatory techniques, Renata discerns the in’s and out’s of the decaying industry of concert dance (“The Capital D. World”) while hosting conversations that lend itself to deconstructing conditions attached to “dance”.

What does the D. word mean now? What can it also mean?

The D. Word’s archive will be published and available on all streaming platforms soon.

Nile Harris
Addison Bale
Isabel Eatherly Legate
Monica Mirabile
Sigrid Lauren
Sarah Kinlaw