B. (1994)

is a multifaceted artist of Cuban and Brazilian descent, known for her innovative explorations in choreography, performance, and video making. Renata's artistic journey is a testament to her diverse influences and interdisciplinary approach, shaping her into a dynamic force in the contemporary art scene.

As an artist, choreographer, and performer, Renata's work delves into the complexities of the human body as a conduit for visceral expression and ephemeral phenomena. Her choreographic project, "Beef With God," challenges conventional notions of dance by immersing audiences in site-specific performances, installations, and videos; inviting viewers to reconsider their perceptions of the body and its surroundings.

Renata's dynamic dance training, spanning from commercial to concert techniques, imbues her work with a rare versatility that effortlessly navigates genres from Cunningham to Hip Hop, Gaga, and Flamenco. Her creative prowess extends beyond the realm of dance, as she has lent her choreographic talents to a diverse range of projects, including collaborations with acclaimed musical acts such as The Growlers, Jax Jones, La Goony Chonga and Tei Shi. She has modeled for brands such as, GAP, Calvin Klein, Mara Hoffman, Bobbi Brown to name a few. Her work as a performer and choreographer have been shown at Performance Space New York (NYC), Art Basel Miami (FL), PAGEANT (NYC), Vernacular Institute (CDMX), Kurimanzutto (CDMX), Material Art Fair (CDMX), Sala Silvestre (AGS), Los 14 (CDMX), Frieze Art Fair (NYC), Ceremonia Music Festival (CDMX), Lago Algo (CDMX), Charlottenborg Museum Courtyard (CPH), Alyssa Davis Gallery (NYC), Ki Smith Gallery (NYC), PWR PLNT (NYC), and Museum Gallery (NYC). Renata has been featured in publications such as Elle Mexico, Totem Magazine, Nuts Magazine and Middle Plane Magazine.


In addition to her artistic endeavors, Renata is the host and creator of "The D. Word," a thought-provoking podcast where she engages with fellow choreographers, dancers, and performers to redefine the essence of dance in contemporary society. Through insightful discussions and candid conversations, Renata and her guests dissect the evolving landscape of dance, offering new perspectives and considerations for the future of the art form.

Renata's commitment to pushing the boundaries of choreography extends into her filmmaking endeavors, where she seamlessly integrates dance into the digital realm as a means of archiving and amplifying its impact. Her videos serve as captivating snapshots of movement and expression, juxtaposed with found-footage, recordings, drawings, and writing to create a rich tapestry of visual storytelling.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Renata divides her time between Los Angeles and New York, where she lends her talents as a model, choreographer, and collaborator on various projects ranging from music videos to campaigns and commercials. As she continues to evolve and redefine the possibilities of dance and visual art, Renata remains a trailblazing talent at the forefront of the contemporary art scene.