Screen as Stage V3, 2024.

Material Art Fair X Colector
This piece explores choreography through, with and for the camera. Considering the camera and the screen as spaces of representation. The materials of the piece become an extension of the choreographers, not only choreographic materials, but materials that create choreography. In this way, we echo, jump, and superimpose ourselves in images projected on different sides of a specific site. We create, contain, manipulate and modify the image, creating multiple scenarios of presentation and representation. We offer different perspectives and versions of the same score, inviting the viewer to take on the role of choreographer as well.

Choreographic Conception:
Ana G Zambrano, Renata Pereira Lima
Choreographers: Renata Pereira Lima, Camila Arroyo, Ana G Zambrano
Direction: Ana G. Zambrano
Sound and media design: HΞЯÐ
Video: Gerardo Cruz
Stage Design: Ana G Zambrano
Producción: HΞЯÐ
All thanks to Jo Ying Peng, Vernacular Institute