TANGO, 2024.
Ki Smith Gallery  

At the boundary of choreo-graphs, diagram and notation: Tango (2024) responds to Andy Warhol’s “Dance Diagram (Tango)” from 1962 as an attempt to (mis)read and (re)write a new version. Choreographed by Renata Pereira Lima and performed alongside Aime Grumbach, Sofia Quezaire and musician, Isaiah Barr, Tango (2024) plays with the notion of invisible choreography made present through erosion of movement; “trying to capture something that is always already lost in the moment of its production.”

Choreographer: Renata Pereira Lima
Performers: Aime Grumbach, Sofia Quezaire, Isaiah Barr, Matthew McAuley
Documentation by: Danielle Aphrodite
Costume Designer: Deniz
Poetry & Pose: Screen Tests by Andy Warhol
Curated by Greg Pierce