eef With God
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Meet Me In The Maze
The Day After I Got Dumped
In Love In Toas, New Mexico
A, B, C, D. None Of The Above
Finding Sadness In Happiness And Not Visa Versa
Fire Drills
Goes On A Walk In Laos
Não Posso Me Esquecer Do Adeus
Basketball Practice
Alone, Bored And Sad In Mexico City 2
Alone, Bored And Sad in Mexico City
June 21, 2018
Tennis In Ecuador
Leopards On BBC And I’m In My Leopard Dress
To Rid Oneself Of (2018)
Man Swallos Fly, Claims He Is Fine
Amazons, Ecuador
Half Circle, Half Nothing
Equator, Ecuador
Panda Bear
Leonard Cohen
Pregant With Melody - Pass This On, The Kinfe
Cumbia With Camila
Green Locker Room After Ballet Class
Richard Serra’s Verb List
Untitled, oil on canvas
Sonata No.12 in D Minor, Op. 1, RV 63
Repetition Task 
Pageant Panic Runaway
Mabe Fratti
When We Thought Covid Was Fake
Promo Museo El Eco
I Was So Nervous For You To Come And See Me At Material Art Fair, All I Could Do Was Improv
Al Green
Not How You Move, What Moves You
Rio Grande Canyon, New Mexico
19•25’06.6”N 99•11’35,7”W
Negotiating Gravity
Armen Miran
1 + 1 = 2
Dearest Father, forgive me for I have seen.
Sunday Opera
Sonora, Mexico 
I Leave The Dent In My Car To Remind Me What I Could Have Lost
91°F But Feels Like Hell
Mabe Fratti
Beatboxing With Your Body
Mercury In Cancer
99 Cent Store, Los Angeles
DJ Nigga Fox
Private Dreams, Public Nightmares
Opera (Playing From the Car)
Tom’s Juice
Sun Pyramid 
Ravi Shankar
On Hold