Screen As Stage, 2021
Vernacular Institute. Mexico City

The choreographic score of Screen As Stage explores the transmission of movements to screens; we reverberate, refract, jump-cut, and juxtapose the projections which appear on the walls of three separate gallery rooms. I was interested in investigating ways in which the camera can take the role of the choreographer to access and elaborate on movements that were once unavailable to the body. Consequently, we observe how these fragmentations can dislocate a sense of verticality in the viewer. Offering multiple stages / multiple versions of the same score.

Screen As Stage is the culmination of two weeks of movement research at Vernacular institute. The investigation began with an interest in exploring representation (screen) versus reality. During the course of our research our interests shifted. We became intrigued by the relationship of the body to the camera and the camera to the screen. The interconnectivity between these different modes of transmission are themselves choreographic. Together they form the score to Screen As Stage.

Choreographic Direction: Renata Pereira Lima
Performers: Ana G. Zambrano, Isabel Eatherly Legate and Renata Pereira Lima
Sound Design: Isabel Eatherly Legate and Renata Pereira Lima
Curator: Jo Ying Peng
Camera Technician: Laura Abad
Photographer: Liam Burke
Videographer: Alejandro Marcial

Two performances, 42 minutes each
Go Pro, 3 Mini VCR handy-cams, 3 projectors, Circuit looper, 8 meter x 8 meter white vynl, 1 mirror

1st Gallery: Go Pro / projection 1: ariel view / performers
2nd Gallery: 3 Mini handycams / projection 2: zooms in-out connected to looper
3rd Gallery: Mirror / projection 3: Go Pro live recording projected onto floor