Rhythm Structuring Film / Film Structuring Rhythm, 2018
Los 14, Mexico City              

¨Rhythm not as a musical structure, but as an abstract measure that defines time in space; a motion, a gesture, a task. The natural time-space defined by the physical situation; friction against gravity, etc.¨ Dan Graham on Steve Reich, Rock My Religion edit by Brian Wallis

Rhythm Structuing Film / Film Structuring Rhythm is a video interplay of dance moves that react to common or habitual gestures as seen in public around Mexico City. Plain rhythmic circumstances, such as church group clapping, La Cruz Roja giving a public demonstration of CPR, and a dog wagging its tail, for example, are made sorce materials for a catalogue of gestures thereby acted out as examples of isolated, related yet unrelated dances. These gestures, corresponding to the publically captured, unintentional choreography of public behaviour, are counterpoised in a repetition of run-time, looping back the habitual actions in coordination with the dancer, Renata’s, reactionary choreography.

In one unified video, recording of Renata´s dance-gestures are inserted alongside footage from the streets, positioning the action and reacton side by side to a score of sounds devised by Renata to emphasize the diverse recorded content.

Choreographer: Renata Pereira Lima
Duration: 4:32
One Channel Video with sound and color
Sound: Andres Hessinger and Renata Pereira Lima