Non Essential Movement                                                          

Mirriem-Webster online dictionary lists five definitions of the word corona in english, not to mention six sub-definitions and the Mexican beer, Corona Extra. The Real Academía Española lists 30 definitions for corona in spanish. Then the word corona, apart from these definitions, is attached to the word virus, and that means a whole different thing. A coronavirus is apparently, likewise, many things. The coronavirus is one thing (aka COVID-19) but we still mostly don’t know/are in the dark on what (?)

On a chilly spring day in April, during the peak of the coronavirus crisis in New York City, Renata and Addison met in Chinatown, disobeying non-essential movement restrictions. COVID-19 impact on this day according to
Renata Pereira Lima, Addison Bale

Soon published for Myriam Schroeter, CONTAINED vs FREE. Zine, June 2020