4 x 3, 3 x 4, 2019
Los 14, Mexico City

4x3, 3x4 is a site-specific performance that takes place in the symmetrical square of an Andalusian courtyard whereby the audience is located in the center and the performers activate the perimeter. Four performers moved in a precise choreography, manipulating the stillness of the ten Andalusian columns, employing that very stillness in the propulsion of the dance itself. One violinist played the score on the periphery, emphasizing the centrifugal force of the dancers, provoking the audience to both look and listen to the borders of the courtyard, craning necks and twisting backs toward the periphal vision of the perfomance. The inversion of stage center vs outer orients the viewer in a self-aware iris of the activity.

Study A. Camera Lens
Viewer´s potential focus on 1 dancer; dissolution of the other 3 dancers into the peripheral vision of the viewer.

Study B. Mirroring
2 dancers performing in opposite corners; viewer potentially feels both bodies simultaneously via peripheral vision.

Study C. Centripetal Force/Orientation becomes a situation
Viewer´s orientation is foiled by the surrounding dancers, drawing their awareness inward.

Choreographic Direction: Renata Pereira Lima
Performers: Camila Arroyo, Ricardo Daniel, Peligro Perez Soria, Gabriela Hernandez
Violinist: Pedro Salvador
Lights: Andres Hessinger
Photographer: Andrés Navarro Aguilera

Camila Arroyo, Ricardo Daniel